Friday, July 06, 2007

Which One?

Stephanie over at had this posted. I think it's a fun way to "get to know" someone

Which One?
Lace or Ribbon? Lace

Mountain or Beach? Mountain

Reading or Writing? Reading
Cookie or Cake? Cookie

Baked or Mashed Potato? Both

Side or Back? Side

Shrimp or Steak? Steak

Scrambled or Fried? Both

Orange or Apple? Apple

Spring or Fall? Fall

Roller Skating or Bowling? Roller Skating

DVD or Theater movies? DVD I can't be quiet and keep my opinions to myself in a theater lol. Besides, it's hard for me to just sit and watch something. Gotta keep my hands busy too.

Wood or Glass? Wood

Blue or Green? neither, I like purple

Chocolate or Vanilla? hmmmm anyone care to take a guess??

Quilt or Knit? knit

Early Morning or Late Night? Both lol. When I worked I really liked the midnight shift

Coffee or Tea? Coffee first thing in the morning. Iced herbal tea after that.

Watermelon or Strawberry? Strawberry

Lunch or Dinner? Dinner

Cold Cereal or Oatmeal? Oatmeal

Song or Dance? Song

Carpet or Hardwood Floor? Hardwood Floor

Red or Pink? Red

Cat or Dog? Definately a dog. Cats annoy me-yet all cats seem to love me-probably just because they KNOW they annoy me!

Pretzels or Chips? Chips

Iced Tea or Lemonade? Tea if it's herbal. I don't care for Lipton. I like lemonade too.

Non-Fiction or Fiction? Non-Fiction

Rose or Daisy? Daisy

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset

Comb or Brush? Brush

Pottery or Basket? Basket

Bracelet or Necklace? Necklace

Pen or Pencil? Pencil

Couch or Chair? Couch

Country or Victorian? Country

Farm or Ranch? Farm

Braid or Ponytail? Braid

Cash or Check? Cash

Chocolate Bar or Jelly Bean? Chocolate Bar

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Hot Dog or Cheeseburger? Cheeseburger

Blinds or Curtains? Blinds

Dress or Pants? Dress

Sun or Moon? Moon
Adventure or Comedy? Adventure

Cloud or Star? Cloud

Lake or River? River

Half Full or Half Empty? Half Full

Truck or Car? A nice big 12 passenger van

Bath or Shower? I prefer a bath but usually only have time for a shower

Clothesline or Clothes Dryer? Clothesline

New or Second Hand? Second Hand

Gum or Lifesaver? Gum

Email or Handwritten? Email

July or October? October

Barefoot or Shoes? Barefoot

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