Friday, December 01, 2006

Baby It's Windy Outside

When I went to work this morning(2am) it was pouring down rain and about 37 degrees. A little after 8 it had dropped to 34 and started snowing! It's dropped to 29 now, stopped snowing, but the wind sure is blowing! Malachi saw the snow and got out his new snow boots :) He's been dying to wear them. I told him it was too windy to play outside but we did have a few errands to run so he got to wear them. My local senior center was having a $2 bag sale. I decided that since I had to get out anyway, we'd stop there. For $4 I got a long black wool winter coat, two dresses, 2 pairs of bibs and a pair of jeans :D It was mostly "old lady" polyester clothes lol. Then we filled up the gas tank, only $47 instead of the $50 I was planning. Hey I'll take savings anywhere I can! Stopped at the store, had to get coffee and flavored creamer, gotta have priorities you know :) Well I need to go. The fridge needs cleaned out, bathroom needs cleaned and I think it looks like a good day to bake cookies :)

Until next time

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